Live Images of Hyrum Dam
Look for the float in this year's Hyrum 4th of July Parade!

  The Hyrum Dam Cam consists of six cameras overlooking Hyrum Reservoir in Hyrum, Utah. The cameras have been placed at different locations around the lake to provide the most comprehensive coverage. The camera images can be viewed by moving your mouse over a dot in the map at the top of the page or by clicking one of the small images above.

  Hyrum Dam Cam or simply Dam Cam was built so that people everywhere could enjoy the beauty of Hyrum Reservoir. The cameras provide a way for boaters and anglers to check water conditions and lake occupancy. It also helps promote the lake and the great city of Hyrum, Utah in which it resides.

  A lot of time, effort, and money have gone in to making Hyrum Dam Cam possible. If you use and enjoy this website, please consider visiting the Donate page to make a donation. All donations are used to enhance and maintain the cameras, networking equipment, and this website.

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